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Surgery in a Rural Small Hospital - Dr OP Yadava

 Surgery in a Rural Small Hospital We had been conducting camps in rural, inaccessible and far flung areas of Uttarakhand for the past almost 15 years.  Seeing the positive impact of these camps, the then Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Gen. Khanduri had announced that Govt. of Uttarakhand will enter in a private public partnership with National Heart Institute for setting up cardiac facility in Almora.  However, later because of certain political upheavals, the same was cancelled on the pretext that these are very complex and open heart surgeries and that they could not be performed in such small places as Almora.  Thus to prove the point and drive it home, we took upon ourselves to perform three open heart surgeries (two holes in the heart and one mitral valve replacement) in a remote medical set up.  We chose a hospital called Dena Hospital in Dinapani, which is a basic small health facility in a village in Almora district.  We carried all equipments and  instruments in trucks and 26 personnels including Cardiac Surgeons, Cardiac Anaesthesiologists, Cardiologists, Perfusionists, Technicians, Nurses and Engineers  went from Delhi by road on a 400 KM journey and we established a operation theatre in this small 20 bedded primary care set up and performed these surgeries.  The surgeries were uneventful and patients went home on the 5th or the 6th post operative day hail and hearty. This event thus enabled us to show case that these kind of surgeries can be performed in far flung areas also and thus convinced the government in signing a PPP Agreement with us to set up a cardiac facility in Base Hospital, Almora for the benefit of the general population in these out lying areas.

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